Tuesday, August 30, 2005
I Will Be President, Just You Wait and See

Well, I have nothing to update on (since at least one of the evil sisters is visiting my blog again...oh yeah I'm on to you, don't make me block you if you try to irritate me!), but Stale Betty lead me to this...

Get your position here

Saturday, August 27, 2005
More Updates :)

Well, since you gals asked, I shall elaborate on my last post. I can't touch one spot because my sisters are roaming on my blog again, and I'd like to tell the family first.

First of all, my roommate is getting married in a hurry! She started emailing this guy through a dating website in April, only two months since she broke up with the man she thought was "the one". In May, they had their first official date...he lives in another state so I think they've only had a visit each month. Well last weekend, she comes home glowing after coming back from Omaha and says she's engaged! Oooh, I'm jealous. She's getting married in December already. Her honey is 9 years older and seems like a nice guy, but he has a way of telling her what to do from what I've seen. He gave an order of exactly what type and color of dress he wants her to wear for the honeymoon and some other stuff. So, he will be moving here in December...I wish them luck!

Second update: I had my first (completed) pap smear and it was horrible. I'm a wuss when it comes to that area so it certainly wasn't the doctor's fault. At least I didn't scream like the last time they attempted it. I had successfully avoided it again until now. My roommate above, age 26, just had one (her first) the same week too and she bled all over! She thinks the doc popped her cherry (she admitted she was still a virgin and I was shocked!) They had to go in twice on her because the angle of her parts. I so wish medical scientists would find a way to check that out without going in there!!

Third update: the one moley thing taken off my back ended up being a granuloma. They dug in deep to get it out and I had stitches that were just removed. He said it was a good thing that I got rid of it or else it would have kept growing bigger. I can just imagine having a huge hump on my back from it! He also said if it would have been left alone, there was a very remote chance that it could turn cancerous after years.

Fourth update: I lost another 10 pounds since starting with my new doc...still undetermined why. I haven't been this low on the scale since college. My pants don't fit anymore but I'm too broke for a shopping spree yet! I like the loss, but it's weird to lose without making an extreme attempt.

Oh what the hey, I'll tell you a bit about that other update. I have met someone who has really made me laugh more than I have in a very long time and has me going "Paul Who?". I should say remet because we did cross paths...well a bit more than that...in college. How'd we bump into each other when the main place I've been is the doctor? A Monopoly game room! Weird how something like that happens. There has been some flirting, and I've been introduced to "George" (LOL I won't even try to explain who/what that is!). It's really nice to have a good friend who knows what I'm thinking before I say it...just wish he lived a bit closer since my car is out of commission right now. If anything new happens in this area, I'll let you know.

Well, I think that covers everything! I hope I satisfied your curiosity :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Blog Dreaming

Ooh, I think I have been reading too many blogs lately. I had such a crazy dream last night about a couple of you on my blogroll. First off, I ended up moving to a new apartment (which wasn't really new, it was one that I lived in years ago) and Renee was my new roommate. We chatted a bit and we complimented each other about our furniture choices and lifestyle changes. She commiserated with me about my pap smear from hell and she wished me luck with a possible career change. I was like, "Whoa, girl! How did you know about those things? I didn't even blog about them!"

Then, after we were all settled in, Jenniy stopped by to give us an apartment warming present. We oohed and ahhed over her engagement ring and house photos. She mentioned that it was too bad I had to move since my roommate was getting married. (I have until December...she met the guy from a dating site only 4 or 5 months ago!) She then wished me luck with the cute PhD student I've been talking with. Again, I was blown away with what she knew. Before I could question her about how she found out, I was disturbed from my slumber by the phone. Grrrrrr!

Maybe that's a clue I need to update more often? Well, there's your update! Enjoy :)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yeah, I know I say that I'll post more...but man, my mood is in the shitter and I don't want to start a whiny, pity post. So, in order not to keep the mood chipper, I've clammed up a bit. I'm frustrated with doctors, myself, money, etc. Arrgh!!!!

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel though. I went to an internal medicine doctor that my regular GP referred me to. She knows her stuff!! I'm having a ton of things started to finally get the illness crap figured out. And a pap smear that I've been avoiding for years. (I'll share my horrors about it down the road.) Oh yeah, and getting a couple possibly cancerous cysts and a mole removed. I'm hoping it's just the run of the mill type cyst. My regular doctor never thought anything of the huge one on my back, so I guess it's better to be cautious than let it keep growing.

Weight loss: Nineteen pounds gone this month. Yes, this is all in one month...7 down since the hospital. Heck, nineteen pounds makes my smallest clothes in this decade too big...but I'm still a chubby gal! I love the loss, but of course, my doctor is worried about this too. Lovely.

So anyways, I'm exhausted...since my weight is just slipping off right now, my challenge for myself is postponed...but I'm still being a Beaker Babe :)

Sunday, August 07, 2005
Sleep Deprivation for the CGB

I know a lot of people who participated in the 2005 Blogathon yesterday. I think it is such a great way to have fun and make some money for charity! I know I don't have the stamina to stay up for 24 hours and write posts every 30 minutes (I can't even keep this place updated daily), but I applaud all those who participated.

Since I didn't participate, I decided to be a cheerleader for one of my favorite sites, The Chubby Girl Brigade, which raised money for Heifer International (what an appropriate charity!) CGB almost made enough money to purchase a cow to feed the hungry. Jerilyn, the gal who was the designated blogger, had the great idea to have a chatroom so we can keep her awake and give her ideas to post about! I had stopped in late in the afternoon and then came back later and stayed up till the end (well almost!) to show my support. Well, I was technically still in the chatroom, but I must have dozed off during the last 30 minutes because I woke up 30 minutes after it was finished and I was the only one there :) If you go to her site, you'll see bits and pieces of what we talked about. I had a blast and it was great to meet so many people like Colleen from The Pretty Pear, Ty from Japan, Susannah, Zippy, Maven (oh yes, I'll always think labia boils when I see your name!), Anna, and many others. Thank you all for making me chuckle and enjoy myself more than I have in ages!!

I had so much fun that I might even try to participate myself next year. I encourage all of you to think about the Blogathon and either show your support by donating or participating. You have a whole year to get ready!! And if you missed out, I believe you can still donate until Tuesday.

Friday, August 05, 2005
Tie a String

I think I'm losing my mind! I'm again in the phase of losing everything again. Last night, it took me an hour to find my remote control in my room and I have the place clean! In the past week, I've also lost my keys (and found again, thank goodness), my cell phone, and a pair of shoes. Also, I have been forgetting about half the crud that I need to do...and no desire to do what I do remember. My brain is so whacked that I even have to remind myself to eat. Me? Forget to eat??? That never happens!

Why did I want to find my remote control last night? I wanted to see what the big deal is about the new show, Starved. The show was created by one who has had his own eating disorder conquer. Three of the four main characters are men. Men?!? Yes, men do go through anorexia/bulimia/overeating, but the majority of them are women...at least in my support group experience. One of the men is obsessive about his waist size and dumps detergent on his chocolate brownies to stop him from eating them. Usually, he ends up digging it out of the garbage and devouring it. Another character was a police officer who pulled over a Chinese delivery man so he could confiscate, binge, and then purge (don't know if I needed to view the vomit, thanks) the contents of the bag. I didn't enjoy the story last night, but I thought some of the portrayals of eating behaviors was right on. It was sad, but I could see myself in a few instances. This show is supposed to be a comedy...I didn't feel compelled to laugh, but I will watch it again to see what develops. I needed the control because my TV is stupid...I lost the original control for it so I haven't been able to add some channels. So just pushing the button can't get me to FX. My new control won't get me into the menu, but I can just push the buttons to get the channel. Sad, isn't it?

So, unless I amazingly misplace my laptop, I plan on updating all my weight stats finally on Monday. I haven't really stated much but occasional losses here, but I need to be more vigilant!! That way, I have a record too :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

After a week of nothing, my bowels finally decided to move! If I didn't "drop the kids at the pool" by tonight, I was going to call in the troops. I wasn't in pain and wasn't constipated at all...I guess they needed some time to form again. Blah!! Also, the three months without "Aunt Flo" were heaven, but she decided to come back with a vengeance while I was at the hospital. The nurse thought I was hemorraging at first! Nah, just my lovely whacked-out cycle. So, all bodily functions back to normal I think :) I know, TMI, moving on...

Shit, there is nothing else going on whatsoever. It must be that end of summer/almost back to school time lull. I'm thinking I better do something about that. Due to a lack of anything else, I'll end with this. For the family members who think I'm immature, check this out!! Only one year off :)

You Are 26 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.