Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Keeping My Head Above Water

I'm sooooo overwhelmed!! Trying to plan wedding stuff, working a crapload of overtime, getting bills paid, and keeping the fiance entertained is exhausting me. I feel like I just don't have enough minutes in the day, and when I do get a day off, I have to do all the tasks that I've put off because of the lack of time. I sure hope things settle down soon.

As I said in my last post, I did rejoin WW again. How is it going? Oh, it went well for the first two weeks...but then came a big wedding the day before weigh-in, I can't seem to control my urge to munch when I get home, and such good large meals made by the fiance make it tough. But, I'm getting better with fitting in exercise. We joined the gym and Paul loves the pool, so we've been trying to go as soon as I get home after 10-11 hour shifts. After that, it's suppertime, squeeze in a bit of TV, and go to bed. As I said, I just need more minutes in the day or be able to go on less sleep.

Good news! I found my wedding dress!! In my city, there are about 3 main bridal stores...David's Bridal, Interlude, and the French Door. David's has a great variety of plus-sizes, but ugh, none really appealed to me. I found great bridesmaid dresses at Interlude and some cute wedding dresses, but the wedding dresses I liked weren't anywhere near my size (but could be ordered) so I didn't even dare to try one on. I did try on some pretty fugly ones though. I looked at the French Door once because one of the designers I had my eye on was available there...I kept putting off trying on anything because I am so self-conscious. After my mom and I left the place we finally settled on for the reception, she convinced me to go there again. The manager let me browse and decide what I liked, and then she presented me with dresses she thought would look good on me. I found a couple in my size and she found three more that she liked that weren't. She jumped right in the dressing room, practically took my clothes off herself, and helped me get into all the dresses. I looked at the sizes she brought in (one was a size 12!!!) and thought to myself, "How in the world does she expect me to squeeze into that?" Miraculously, I fit into those smaller sizes without a struggle in order to make the right choice. We narrowed it down to the Maggie Sottero Ivy and En Vogue. When I looked at the En Vogue on the rack, I thought I'd HATE it....but that is the one I fell in love with once it was on me. I'd love to show a pic of me in it, but the store didn't allow pictures and she was in the dressing room with me so I could not sneak one. We're ordering it next week after I get paid...the manager said it could take about six months until it's ready, so no waiting to see if I lose some more weight...oh well! If anything, the seamstress can just take it in a bit if I lose a bit.

So, I now have the dress, the reception and ceremony locations down, and the cake baker (already knew my mom's cousin who makes cakes for a living would be the one) the only huge decisions pressing are the photographer/video and the florist. I'm clueless with these decisions so my mom is going to help me a bit :)

By the way, guess I had my 2nd anniversary of this blog on Monday. I used to be so good at posting...but then some people found out...and I got busy....and happens. I wonder if anybody even reads this anymore since I rarely update! I'll keep trying to update more often, but I can't promise miracles!!