Monday, May 15, 2006

I am soooo sick of mandatory overtime.....2 hours today, 1.5 hours tomorrow, stuck working this be truthful, I have overtime everyday except for the weekend for the next two weeks. I knew about the up to 9 hours allowed each week, but gosh I didn't think this would happen every day!! I know I'll love the paycheck, but I want my life back, darnit!!

Luckily, I made it home to see the end of the Grey's Anatomy season finale. If I would have paid attention to the TV schedule, I would have taped it. This show is my guilty pleasure...I never work Sunday so it's the one show I've been able to keep on top of this season. All I can say is, Awwwww Denny! I was just beginning to believe you'd be back next season. And, Meredith and McDreamy...tsk tsk tsk. I wouldn't mind having to choose between Patrick Dempsey and Chris O'Donnell....even though they have the facial hair/stubble. I can make an exception sometimes :)

And the biggest news? I was sized for a ring. Wow. You can guess what will be happening sometime soon. I am so bad with jewelry....I always fidget with it or take it off and forget where I put it....maybe I'll be better with something so important. I just want to know when it'll happen...I hate surprises!!