Wednesday, May 03, 2006
My Man Servant

Yes I know, another month has went by and I haven't posted diddily squat!!!

Paul arrived here in early April without a hitch. It is amazing how quickly I acclimated to being with I don't know how to function without him around! He had to leave on Saturday for a couple of weeks to finish getting his place ready for sale and packing up the rest of his stuff. I've NEVER had someone take such good care of me. He cooked about every meal, did the laundry, packed all my lunches for work, reminded me when to go to bed, and just made me feel extremely loved and wanted. Yikes! I didn't expect things would go so well. I've only had him away for a few days, but I'm already a bumbling fool...can't remember to eat, or take my pills, or get to bed on time.....Blah!!!!

Weight loss front....I have NO freaking idea!! I haven't stepped on the scale for about a month or so, but I don't think my clothes are getting any tighter. I keep meaning to join the gym, but with mandatory overtime at work and Paul entertaining me in the mornings, I just haven't had the chance. I WILL be joining plus going to WW again when I get my next pay check with my raise and all that overtime pay :) So then, I'll have a better update!!

I need to get to bed or I'll never get up tomorrow morning, so I'll update again soon!