Sunday, November 27, 2005
Tell Me Something I Don't Know...

So, I haven't heard this officially from my regular doctor yet, but he did tell some info to my mom when he was up checking on my grandma. The bloodwork and other stuff that I had done? Well, he told her I have PCOS. Gee, really doc? You've been fussing around with my female parts and problems for years and now it makes sense to you? Most likely endometriosis too with the information my mom supplied him about my lovely Aunt Flo. So, he said he'll be calling me up to tell me and that he has a great medication for me. The way this year has went so far, I'll be a walking pharmacy pretty soon! Good news: he said the last person he had go on it lost 40 pounds in a really short period of time. Hmmmmm, maybe I'll get to my goal weight faster. I also will be having a fasting blood glucose check to see if my levels are still wonky like they were during my hospital stay. And boy, once the doctor finally tells me something and not my mother, I'll have some big questions for him!

Another thing I already know: I don't know if I'm ready for a guy to be serious about me again. Mr. Old Flame is all sweet and good, but...well I don't know a good but...ok I'm wishy-washy. One day I'm over the moon, take me now, kiss me kiss me....and the next day it's like, "Whoa, check out that other guy!" or "Shit, men are evil! Get away, you!" Plus, I'm really trying hard to work on some other personal issues, and adding someone to the mix complicates things a bit. If only I could see into the future...I don't want to hate myself for messing up something that could be great...or wasting time on crap. Send me a sign!!!