Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Shut Up Already!!

Ever know someone who just tells you a bit too much about their personal life and you just want to plug your ears, run away, or shake them to be quiet? Sure, I'm curious at first...but then the convo just goes to a place I don't want to think about!!! Arrrrgh!!

My grandma is still hanging in there...the medical situation is still pretty precarious. And, I'm not so sure grams wants to keep fighting. I just really wish I would have had another good conversation with her before things started really going down the tubes. Geez, the last time I saw her, she chatted like normal and now her speech is mainly just "mmmmmm". I think my last visit was only about a month ago...and I would have visited more if my relationship with my family wasn't rocky and there was always a fuss when I was around. And two weeks ago, at the beginning of my hiatus from the internet, I was asked if I wanted to go see grandma before I left. I was in a rush so I said I'll go see her later. Of course, then my mom tells me after the fact that grandma had requested to see me and kept asking about me. Why didn't the family bother to tell me that part before it was too late??? She sure can't ask for me now. Ohhhh, I'm feeling major guilt about that.

New blog update: Still didn't get the chance to make the final touches on it! So, I'll have it finished by Friday.