Saturday, October 22, 2005
I'll Sell This Bugger Right Now!

Blah, Blah, Blah. Yeah, this week is truly exciting. Well the tiff with my roommate was a big highlight. My sleep is still totally wonky, and my mood is swinging all over the dang place. I have had some intense thoughts while experiencing the high, sleep deprived moments though. As in, I'm going to move. Well, obviously, I shall be in another month before that wedding takes place. I've decided that I'm REALLY out of state...after I finish my program. I need a big change to really shake me up. I seriously need to get away from my family...I need more cultural stimulation...I need to find more people my age that I can have a decent conversation with. It just isn't happening here. If I can find a program similar to the one I'm starting next year in another state (which I'm still searching for!), the move will take place then. If not, add a year to it. Now, I love the midwest...possibly Minneapolis or Chicago....east coast also sounds interesting...Denver area also was cool the last time I visited. I still have a lot of time to think about it, but I surely am going to take that leap. And this is the time....before I get attached to anyone too seriously, no kids, not in love with my job.

When I do sleep, I've been having dang good dreams that I actually can remember and I hate when my body makes me wake. Last night, I had a nice one...working in the medical profession (not sure if I was a doc or what!) own place somewhere new (my parents even called me in the dream saying they missed me--which was quite a shocker)...good hair (when does that ever happen for me)...and had a big ol' makeout session with a guy that I've never met so far in life. Oh yeah, and he adored me and could sing! Yes, I still would like to hold out for a man with a voice...Paul attempted and royally sucked but he thought he was the greatest...recycled man of the moment is a trombone player but I don't think he can carry much of a tune vocally. I so wish I could have Part 2 tonight!

Finally, swiping this from Wendy...

My blog is worth $28,791.54.
How much is your blog worth?