Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Cosmetically Challenged

LOL, I so knew my sisters were reading here again :) Had the most interesting convo with my mom a few days ago..."So, I hear from the girls that you're talking to someone from school?" Freaking hilarious. Instead of actually calling me to find out how I am, they investigate here :) So to clarify, nooooooooooo we aren't a couple, but I'm having a lot of fun chatting with him again. I'm happy, and that's a big change. I'm not entertaining getting involved again (ok, the subject has jokingly been tossed out there). So, dear sisters, get the rumors right :)

Anywho, I've decided that I'm lacking a "girly girl" gene. On a whim, I decided to paint my nails. I own a whole two bottles of polish and I was extremely bored. I have the worst luck when applying the gunk..either I end up with some thick spots or get it everywhere but the nail. This time, it worked out well...the toes still look great, but I chipped my fingernail quickly afterwards. And then once a chip starts, I get the urge to keep peeling away. Before the day was done, only a few hints of color remained on my fingers. Also, is there something I don't know about keeping polish in the refrigerator? My roommate has 18 bottles (yep, I counted!) sitting in the fridge door.

Also, I have three different shampoo/conditioner sets that I rotate through. My roommate has about ten!! I should take a shot of the shelf in the bathroom to prove it :) Plus, she has zillions of other beauty products. I'm lucky if I remember to use my facial cleanser...not even close to empty after months. My routine in the morning is pretty much brush my hair, throw on some lip gloss, spritz on some body spray, and off I go. Once in a while, I'll stick some hair product in when I style my hair and use body lotion, but that's about it. From memory, I think my ex P even took more time to primp up than I do!

And to keep up with the health front: still have to reschedule an appointment with the doc once my Aunt Flo quits again since one of the tests gets skewed results with it going. My weight loss is finally starting to slow down (a little over 30 pounds in the past 2 months). I still feel cruddy, but I'm trying to be patient and let the doctors do their work. All in good time, I guess!