Sunday, July 31, 2005
Settling In...

I'm still adjusting to being back home. Man, after days of chicken broth and pudding, that is all I'm hungry for!! If my body can adjust to such lower calories so quickly, Allan's plan sounds a little bit easier. The temptation is too strong for me to stay away from the goodies like he does!! If I continued with the type of meals I got at the hospital, I'd never be able to stop exercising because the weight would jump up pretty quick...which is why I imagine that I'll gain something this week as I get back to the regular meal plan.

My body has been doing some crazy things this past arms and legs have decided to periodically go to sleep on me even when standing! And once they wake up, the prickles last forever. I'm assuming it has to do with my potassium and blood still getting back to normal. I have a checkup on Friday, so I'll keep eating my bananas and hopefully will be great by then :)