Tuesday, July 19, 2005
What Happened?

Gosh, I try to post more but then that darn thing called life steps in yet again. For the past couple of months, my gram has been having a hard time emotionally. Hearing strange music, seeing dead or imaginary people, forgetting who people are, and making sandwiches for nobody are only a few of the strange things she has done. About a month ago, she spent a few days on the senior psych ward while they figured out her pills. She was good and then went back to the ER again after acting strangely again...due to a UTI this time. Then this week, she's back to her kooky self, no infection or pills to blame, and is up on the senior floor again. My mom's the medical expert (well a nurse at least!), so she's been the one to chat with gram's caseworker. Well, he doesn't feel comfortable having her go back home with her son and daughter-in-law, so now the family has to start looking into a nursing home. It's one of the things my grandma dreads most. Luckily, she hasn't been diagnosed with Alzheimer's...but it is possibly a milder form of dementia. Her brother's wife did have the nasty A and gram has repeatedly said she never wants to end up that way...hopefully she won't!

Looking back at my history here, next month will be my one year anniversary blogging! If it wasn't for my health issues in the past two months, my total weight loss for the year would be CRAP! This year has been such a darn roller coaster...I'm not used to so much drama. I keep thinking tomorrow will be the day my life is back to my interpretation of "normal"...and it just isn't happening yet. But, I can't just sit around so I am going to snap out of it and start taking back my life (again). Geez, it feels like I'm saying this all the time, but no matter how many times I fall, I refuse to give up. So, Monday will be Day #1 of my new challenge for myself! I'd say tomorrow, but I'm still deciding what I want to focus on and what plan I'll be following. Look for updates soon, along with progress shots (yeah, I finally found my cord so the vacation shots will be coming soon) and more fun stuff!!