Wednesday, July 13, 2005
The Sinister Microwave!

It is official...the microwave hates me! All microwaves don't have an agenda against me, but mine at home sure does. I think this is due to me not using it for quite awhile!! It is very sensitive and isn't as precise as many of the newer ones, so I usually have to heat things for a minute or so longer than prescribed. Well, today I found a microwave healthy soup in my room and it looked pretty good for lunch. (Yes, I have decided to finally take a step back from the peanut butter!) Why was the soup in my room? I'm not quite sure...I guess I forgot to put it away when I bought it awhile back or was protecting it from the roommates who sometimes like to eat my good stuff!

So, I throw it in for 45 seconds longer than the cup said because I really didn't want cold soup. I even waited to take it out for the minute prescribed after it was done. (Zara, you are definitely not the only one who has a hard time waiting! I actually stopped myself because I thought of your post!) Then, I reach in to grab it out...BIG MISTAKE! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! Finding a towel, I finally got it out and on the stove before the heat started seeping through. OK, no problem, I'll just wait another couple of minutes and it'll be touchable, right? WRONG! I grabbed the towel to carry it to the table and used my shirt to give it a platform to rest on so my hand wouldn't get burned again during the move. I made it a few steps with no trouble, but the soup bowl must have been in cahoots with the microwave because it decided to spill out a bit around the edge of the lid. Oh the pain! I tried to get a better grip on it, but I somehow made it tip over more and just about scalded my belly!!! So I shriek, the dogs look at me with sour expressions, and I dropped the bowl. The soup splashed my tummy, the stove, and the floor! Alas, no soup for me. And it looked all chickeny and vegetably and smelled so yummy too :(

After cleaning up myself and the mess, I had a Boca burger and some peach yogurt instead. Luckily, that food prep went without any more accidents. So the moral of this story is either "Never neglect kitchen appliances!" or "Jodi needs to hire a personal chef!"