Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Don't Gotta Go Right Now!

Woohoo...my left hand is feeling a bit better so I'm going to write a post!

So, Friday I went back to the doctor again. I think his second marriage has made him a bit kooky...he wears bright shirts and just seems loopy overall lately. But then again, it's been over a year since I've seen him before this last bout of yuck. I go there due to the lack of my hand listening to me, back pain, and a fever that decided to play havoc as well last week. Also, I had a creepy rash that started (later determined by him to be petechiae.) The headache and dizziness came back too. Yeah, when I get sick, I go all the way! So, I go get my blood drawn for a CBC and other crud, do the pee in a cup fun, and have a sinus X-ray. Well, my white blood cells were extremely high and they were also in my urine. Yep, I have a lovely kidney infection. Since then, I've just about lost the urge to urinate despite forcing down the fluids. Lovely! He is still concerned about the WBCs being elevated and the petechiae so I'm supposed to go in again on Friday. Yippee! I'm hoping the antibiotics kill it and his extra worry is nothing.

Good news...my Florida trip is set and I'm leaving on Tuesday. Well, I hope I will still get to go! I've never been to Florida before and we're staying at one of the Walt Disney World resorts. I need to crack open my accounting book in order to prepare for the big competition. I'm not looking forward to dressing up every day with the heat. It's already humid and about 80 here...I can only imagine what it's like there! Crossing my fingers everything works out! Then, I can go and refocus on the marathon...the weight loss has been actually easy the past month!