Friday, May 06, 2005
I Want My Week Back!

This week just really sucks! I want to start the week over immediately with no pain, no trips to the bathroom, and no darn tripping and forgetting things. Where is my Fairy Godmother?

Well anyways, I do not have AVM. And from what I've read, thank goodness!! I went to my regular doctor for a follow-up on Wednesday to see what else might be up. What really irks me is that I couldn't go on Tuesday like I was supposed to because the report wasn't ready. And when I get to my appointment and tell him all that was done, my doctor said, "Really? So did they give you paperwork?" Blah, blah, blah. Then, he finally looked into my chart and right on top was the information. I know doctors are busy, but geez just a little personal attention would be great. So he skimmed over it while I'm sitting there. I complained about my neck and shoulder plus of course the headaches and everything else...he feels my shoulder and neck...decides they feel tight...and tells me to set up a physical therapy appointment. He says that it might be all connected (Duh! Did I not originally say I think something is out of place?) If the sickness to my stomach, headaches, forgetfulness, and everything else isn't better in a week I'm supposed to visit him again.

He also put some worry into me..."Should we worry that you're getting what your mother has?" Now, my mother scares me about multiple sclerosis often, but I'm just a clutz to begin with so I'm not worrying about it. With his questioning, he has me wondering what in the heck put that into his head. Did he read something in the report? Am I acting funny? Arrrrgh! From what my mom said, something should have shown up in the area of my brain wouldn't have picked up dye or I'm sure he would have mentioned it, right? I'm not going to even think about it right now.

And thank goodness, I'm not an idiot! I did not lose my cell phone forever. I finally found it under the seat of my car. Now, if I could just find everything else I've misplaced over the past few days :) So hopefully, I'll feel a lot better soon...not coughing up stuff, no headaches, and being able to move my neck! I'm crossing my fingers...