Friday, April 29, 2005
Are You Daft, Woman?

First of all, I'll get my WW weigh-in news taken care of....down another 1.2 pounds. Slow and steady losses. I guess I shouldn't complain, but I really want one huge loss week...huge meaning at least 2 pounds. But, with only exercising half the week, I'm glad I lost anything.

So anyways, I have a supervisor at work who is very nice, but a bit artificial. She says the right things, laughs when appropriate, but it just doesn't seem genuine. She has this almost daily ritual of coming by our desk and being more "personal". Earlier this week, she decided to talk about how the weather was so nice and how she would like to do do more walking outdoors. Believe me, I heard the same line at all her other stops. After she rambled about herself, she asked me, "Do you do anything?" Maybe I'm just sensitive, but her tone sounded more...I guess kind of accusatory, like "I bet you don't do a darn thing!" then really wanting to know about my life. My head was screaming, "Are you daft, woman? Where do you get off by forming assumptions?" but I smiled and told her that I usually go to the gym until it gets warmer out. She was visibly shocked and showed real emotion when she said "You do??? So what do you do there?" Ahhh, so she's looking for proof. So, I told her a bit about my regular routine and about the class that I like (FYI--goddamn, it was cancelled again last night and I'm about ready to check out another gym if this keeps happening!) My brain was fuming mad..."And I've lost almost 50 pounds since working here and you haven't noticed anything, you darn skinny minny! Are you satisfied? If you're not, you can suck it!" Believe me, she would be the one to tell me about it because she comments on EVERYTHING. New clothes, occassional red face, new hair...nothing goes past her. *End of Rant*

But, she does do some great things for me. She knows all about how I'm doing good in school and the awards I won, so she's been looking for jobs that she thinks I'd fit into. Wednesday, she showed me one for an accountant and for an operations analyst. Both pay almost double what I am getting now. I am pretty darn sure I'd have to switch to night classes if I even was chosen. I think I'm going to apply just to see what happens...what do I have to lose? I have finally decided that I'm going to finish school here...just a year I might as well do something that I might enjoy more during that time. I haven't let Paul know this yet...he still thinks I'm uprooting this summer. So unless something major happens while I'm up there in May, I'll break it to him then. I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders after making this decision. (EDIT: I applied for the operations analyst and staffing specialist position. After reading the descriptions, I think I'd fit great with either one!)

I've been going to the gym everyday since Sunday. Yesterday, I upped my regular walking pace to 4.0 mph...3 miles accomplished in 45 minutes! I can't believe I was crowing about running at 4.2 mph not too long ago. I'm shocked at the improvement! Instead of doing a walking marathon, I just might be running instead! I will have to look at that Couch to 5K program again and see what I accomplish. Getting fit feels so good! If only I could remember that when I procrastinate about getting to the gym :)