Tuesday, April 26, 2005
The Toilet is My Best Friend!

Grrrrr...my computer made me lose my post! Not Blogger's fault this time! Had to make a run to the bathroom and my computer decided to lock up!

So anyways, I'm finally back to my goal of drinking half my weight in ounces of water! It's been a good while since I've accomplished this. I'm feeling a lot more awake today...not any more sleep than usual, so maybe I can attribute it to the guzzling of water. Last week, I bought the WW jug with the oz. listed on the side and the straw...it makes drinking so much easier. I had been using my regular jug with no straw and had been struggling to finish it lately. Well, water is not going to be my problem anymore! I had to get up twice last night to visit the loo, once at the gym, twice at work, and once at school. Today, I've already hit it twice while at school. Crazy!

By reading the comments, I see most of my regulars have read Jemima J. So, I'll weigh-in with my opinion. I liked the book but I didn't love it the way I loved Pride and Prejudice or In Her Shoes. I must say, some of my old daydreams about a certain someone followed the storyline almost word for word :) The book was a cute, quick, breezy read and a good diversion from homework overall. I'd love to have my world go magically perfect after weight loss, but I am realistic. Of course, I imagine that I'll get a bit more attention, but I'll still have the same regular issues to deal with! I'll still be trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, my family will still frustrate me, and the distance with Paul will still be there. Maybe more people will want to get to know me without the weight in the way, but I'd always be on my guard since I seemed pretty invisible to them before. I haven't been close to goal for years, so I truly have no idea what effect the change will have!

Sarah--Wow, you're right! I rarely do mention Paul here. I guess after all this time, he's no longer what my world revolves around. He used to pervade most of my thoughts...if I was blogging then, you wouldn't have wanted to read most of my posts! I've decided recently that I'm going to just go with the flow. Worrying about where we're heading and trying to control the future just isn't a good way to waste my time. Sing it with me---"Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be." Since adopting this attitude, my life has went a lot better. I'm less stressed, get more sleep, accomplish more at work, excel at school, and I'm no longer on a weight-loss stall. Yeehaw! Being alone isn't as awful as it used to be. If we work things out, great! If not, the sky isn't going to fall and I'll be fine.

Girl from Florida--In my lifetime, I've gained and lost 7548390547509 pounds, haven't we all? I started making small steps towards health almost two years ago when I joined Ediets. I lost about 55 pounds in six months when my gallbladder said, "Jodi, I'm going to make your life too miserable!" After getting that removed, I got lazy and a ton slowly slipped back on. Last September, I joined WW and was doing well...and then my grandpa passed away, I did some mindless eating, and quit going. So right now, I'm at 43 pounds gone...almost to where I was two years ago! I really believe that it is going to work this time. I'm successfully dealing with stressful food situations, committing to exercise, eating healthy, and of course, drinking my water. If I'm going to get to my goal, I have to really work at it...there may be bumps in the road, but I'm not going to give up.

Geez, since I'm getting all personal, I'll comment on the other comments in the last post.

Jenniy--Thanks for all your support!! I think you were one of my first commenters, and I appreciate it! All your new house details make me want to find my own dream home soon :) I'll just live vicariously through you for the time being.

Zara--LOL! Nope, no treadmill accident last night :) I can't wait until I get down to where you are right now. Reading your blog gives me a lot of insight on how to deal with situations when I'm a bit closer to goal. You're inspiring!

Marta--Ooh you slipped in there :) Girl, you're always so positive and encouraging, just like a close friend would be! The remembering to journal is tough, but I'm trying to. I still haven't figured out planning meals yet either and may never get there...I just don't have the brain power to think ahead :)

I better hurry up and end this long-winded entry before my battery dies! I need to run to the bathroom yet again, too! Extra exercise!! Ha!