Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Long Time, No See

Ok, maybe it hasn't been that long since I've posted, but it feels like it to me! Again, I've been swamped with work and school. I should have been studying for yet another accounting test when I got home, but I got swept up in reading another gal's blog archives. I discovered some interesting similarities...gosh, I no longer feel alone in some of my experiences! I won't name the blog, but all I can say is thanks for being so willing to share such details. I'm not so open (you might be thinking, "What? There is more that Jodi hasn't said here?" And I say, "Hell yeah!" That's the way it will stay for now.

So anyways, I found out today that I am only able to compete in one event at nationals in June. How in the world am I going to decide what I want to do? I'm not in love with marketing, I don't desire to do another huge computer project even though I just learned the quick way to complete the part that stumped me...I would love to do accounting. I think I could kick ass since I'll have completely finished my second semester in May. I'm going to have to find out tomorrow if the guy who beat me in that area is going to compete in this one. He won in two or three areas as well...and the 2nd place finisher gets asked to go if the 1st place person decides not to enter or can't due to the one event rule. Plus, the test is given later in the day for that particular event :)

So how's the diet going, Jods? Well, there are three pounds that found me after my weigh-in for the Fat Off on Friday...they had appeared a couple days before the weigh-in too. The TTOM is gone again, I've been eating ok, exercising has been back on track...I'm just going to have stop weighing myself daily because it is so frustrating!! My fitness has never been better though (not since high school at least!). I did another 3.75 miles alternating running and walking again yesterday plus another 1.5 miles later on that day on the elliptical. My squatting and crunch completion is improving, and my measuring tape is showing a smaller number. Woohoo for that!

Finally, I'm feeling a bit rich after finally getting my tax refund :) Oh, I so have the urge to splurge it all. But, I'm being responsible and paying my tuition bill and putting the rest of it in savings. Plus, I'll be getting my tuition reimbursement soon...I can buy a new toy with that money (maybe an iPod so I can listen to my own tunes while working out finally?) I'll just have to keep myself away from the stores for a bit longer!!

OK, no more accounting book is hounding me for some attention!