Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Challenge Time!!!

I planned on writing this post much earlier today, but with my increase in water consumption combined with the rain starting to hit, I've had to pause way too often in order to hit the bathroom!! At least my bathroom is functioning again :)

So, in order to help me keep focused on staying on track, I've developed a little challenge for myself plus joined another challenge. As I've mentioned before, I'm meeting up with a crazy bunch of people from Ediets over Memorial Day weekend. (Oh yeah, I guess I'm spending a bit of time with Paul then too, but that's secondary on my list for once!) I proudly introduce my "Rising Phoenix in NYC Challenge"! (Rising Phoenix is the name of our team and I'm new to editing images so I apologize for lack of beauty!)

My main goals are to:
1. Lose 15 pounds
2. Exercise daily, and a minimum of 60 minutes 5 days a week.
3. 100 oz of water a day and limit to one soda a day
4. Journal my food daily (this may be the toughest part!) I won't bore you with my meals here, but I'm going to try to give daily subtotals points or caloriewise.
5. In bed by midnight four days a week (this is also going to be pretty darn tough!)

To go even deeper into the summer, I joined another blogger challenge. Gigglechick wants to lose 20 pounds by her 35th birthday June 21, and invited other bloggers to join in her challenge. In "The Great Blogger Fat Off", I vow to lose 26 pounds (hey, it may be lofty, but dang I'll work really hard!). There are now 80 people signed up for this event! We will be checking in every Friday, so I'll be posting there, plus updating somewhere on my sidebar.

I have an early morning tomorrow and I need to go to the bathroom again, so I'll post more details tomorrow!