Thursday, March 24, 2005
WW Rocks :)

Well, I did it! I finally went back to a WW meeting after a month absence...I had to register all over again. And holy shizznit, there is a whole crapload of new items available to purchase...I felt a bit like I was walking into a grocery store :) I weighed in, and amazingly enough, the WW scale agreed with my scale at home.

I believe I'm actually going to stick with going to the meetings at this time. Here's why.
  1. The leader's name is Jodi!!
  2. She is much closer in age to me and easy to identify with.
  3. Her birthday is only 4 days after mine (she just turned the big 30)
  4. It is her 4th anniversary with WW and her beginning weight is right about where I am now.
  5. I've never laughed so hard at a meeting in my life!
I have so much left to do before tomorrow, and I'm falling asleep while typing, so this may be my shortest entry ever. If I don't a chance to be online while I'm gone, I'll fill you all in on the details when I get back on Tuesday :)