Thursday, March 10, 2005
Putting On My Tech Hat :)

Hello World!

Well, howdy to you all if this post makes it on to my blog alive! Blogger has been burping and more most of the day...I think it has a bit of acid reflux. I try to post something or change the template and Blogger tells me, "Now you know I can't be eating these spicy posts or new changes! It upsets my tummy so :(" Yes, inanimate things speak to me sometimes and I often carry wonderful conversations with them. So, all I get from all my effort is some foul smelling burps in my face when I hit publish.

Since I had some spare time between classes today, I put on my geek/tech hat and made some minor changes. Yes, you can now comment on my individual post pages! And when you get lost in them, you can get back home. I also stuck my "Reasons Why to Lose the Cow" to the side bar so if you'd like to add some of your ideas in a few days/months/years, here's your chance :)

I am so glad that I don't have any more major assignments to procrastinate doing for at least another week. Last night, I got 2.5 lovely hours of sleep after researching and writing note cards for my speech I had to present this morning. I definitely did not look my best, and I am cringing about having to watch it on video later. Yes, my instructor decided to add to the humiliation factor for this one. Hopefully the camera won't magnify those lovely bags under my eyes. I don't have any more tests until after break (woohoo on the last tests for me with a 98 on Business Law on Tuesday and 93 in Personal Finance!) unless our accounting instructor decides to throw another one at us.

After school, I took a wonderful two hour nap (till an oboe lesson woke me up!), and I wouldn't mind sleeping a bit more. Fighting the almost 40 mph winds today really tuckered me out! If I was running the mile in the right direction, I bet my time would be almost cut in half with the wind factor! For my first Thursday off with my new schedule, I'll be missing my aerobics/sculpt class (the whole reason I changed my day off to begin with!), but sometimes sleep is just more important. I need to listen to my body a lot more about these things. I'm going to wrap this post up, eat supper, and then get to the comfort of my bed again :) Sounds like a perfect night to me!