Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Nasty-Ass Salad!!

Someone who commented recently here is flippin' psychic!! Girl from Florida, you are wise beyond your years. In honor of International Women's Day, my lovely time of the month/two weeks/skip a few visits/etc. decided to come visit. Even with the lovely pill, my Aunt Flo doesn't really pay attention to the calendar...her stay could be early/short/get the heck out before I kick you out...well you get the picture. I didn't even have the bloat. So, a bit of my mood may be contributed to that, but I'm still quite a bit out of sorts. I even got a bit snippy to a supervisor today...and if you knew how laid-back and quiet I can be in person, you'd be shocked! I just feel so overwhelmed right now and could really use a life preserver in these troubled waters right now. Would anybody like to volunteer to make some decisions for me??

So anyways, I was a good girl and picked up a salad in the cafeteria at school today. I will NEVER EVER do that again. It beckoned, "Take me, please! I'm nutritious and delicious!" Well, first of all , salads should never talk. Second of all, the dressing also ruined it. I took one bite and I thought I'd need to haul it to the ladies to expunge that taste from my mouth! Gosh, I wish my tastebuds could develop amnesia. So, I ate the carrots, and a bit of the lettuce, and a couple bites of the chicken on top (cold, slimy, and just gross). The Dr. Pepper did it's best to clear my palate. My stomach is just churning by thinking about that nasty-ass salad.

A lot of my favorites on my blogroll are starting to add a bit more pictures...I keep meaning to do that!! That will be my next chore after I finish preparing my speech. I totally blew it off over the weekend, so I'll be burning the midnight oil tomorrow so I don't look like an idiot on Thursday when I present it. If I can just make it through the next 1.5 weeks, I have a break from work and class to accomplish so many things!