Thursday, March 24, 2005
One More Day...Fa La La La

It's OFFICIAL! One more day until I'm out of this state for a few days!! Yep, I'm heading up to NYC to spend some time with the Paulster :) And what's even sweeter? I'm not paying a bit for this trip! It has been....ehhhhh more than six months since we've been in the same time zone ever since the December fiasco. I'm not even going to talk about that disaster...I seriously had thoughts about kicking him to the curb after that because I was just sick of the distance and the missed opportunities.

On the health front: I've found the most comfortable running shoes ever!! Actually two pairs!! Couldn't decide which ones I liked better so I am getting both. I know I should be sticking with the financial budget I put together for myself in finance class...but ohhhhhhh sometimes I just have to make myself feel good too! Plus, having those shoes and my cute new gym clothes I bought with birthday money gives me added incentive to go to the gym and show them off. It's amazing what clothes can do for a person's mood. Paul is great at getting to the gym, so I'm not worried by going off-track while I'm gone. Plus, it's easy to get a lot of walking in when you rely on mass-transit. At least, that has been my experience.

Whoa, I bought gym clothes and new running shoes. On purpose. I can't believe it! My attitude certainly has changed from a year or so ago!

Finally, there is a MAN lying on the couch in the other room. I almost crapped in my pants when I opened the door and entered my dark living room. Now I can't run around in the nude tonight...shucks!! Now, I'm assuming he is HOT because he has a huge fan blowing on him. It is quite chilly outside right now, and the heat is running. From what I could tell, he was shirtless too. Anybody dare me to sneak out and poke him??