Thursday, March 17, 2005
Dying My Hair Green :)

Happy Day Before My Birthday!!! Or as it is more commonly known, St. Patrick's Day. I'm wearing my bit of green although I have no Irish in me! Since I still have school and work tomorrow, I won't be partying too hard tonight.

Today, I'm finally getting my hair cut and colored! I haven't had a dye job since last summer and some nasty, stress-created white strands are popping up. Quelle Horrour! I always have trouble when I get a hair cut because I NEVER know what to do with it. I look at pictures beforehand, but I just can't make a decision on if it will actually look good. And then, when I tell the hair stylist to do something different, it usually ends up looking the same way it always does...dull and boring. Also, I'd love to donate some of my hair thickness to someone so I can style it and blowdry it without the urge to strangle myself. And I do NOT want the typical "chubby girl" style that I see all the time. I know all about the virtual hairstyle thing, but I'm not about to pay extra money just to give the haircut a test run. I want to start my birthday tomorrow (my 27th) on a high note by looking wonderful! Then, you'll get to see some pictures :) I'm picturing something in my head with more layers and flippiness...I know it's going to be tough, but I want what I want! Once I find the stylist who can make me love my hair and forget that it weighs 12 tons, I will build a shrine in her honor!

Also, does anybody have a good magic spell to make my period stop now?? Aunt Flo is jabbing me with her knitting needles and I've had to haul it to the bathroom every couple of hours to change my coverage! I do not need the embarrassment of an accident!! TMI, I know...but this royally sucks!!! My doc hasn't been very helpful in this area at all...I'm going to have to schedule an appointment yet again if this keeps up.

To end this post on a positive note, I'll share a bit of "Ireland for Dummies" :)


Strangely enough, Irish people tend to wear everything except green, which is associated with too many national tragedies, including 1798, the Famine and the current Irish soccer team. It's possible that green just doesn't suit the Irish skin colour, which is generally pale blue.

Irish Dancing

There are two main kinds of Irish dancing: (1) Riverdance , which is now simultaneously running in every major city except Ulan Bater and which some economists believe is responsible for the Irish economic boom; and (2),Real Irish dancing, in which men do not wear frilly blouses and you still may not express yourself, except in a written note to the adjudicators.

Woolly Jumpers

Ireland produces vast quantities of woolen knitwear and, under a US/Irish trade agreement, American visitors may not leave without a minimum of two sweaters, of which one at least must be predominantly green. Airline staff may check that you have the required documentation before you are allowed to disembark. Continental (that's Europe, not the airline) visitors are only required to have one woolly jumper, but must have a copy of "The Collected Works of Seamus Heaney" as well.