Saturday, March 26, 2005
My Bed is Making My Ass Expand

Where has the day gone? I have spent practically the whole day in bed, most of the time sleeping. I am just lacking the energy to even go to the kitchen and eat. Thank goodness I have some Special K breakfast bars in my room, although I really don't feel hungry either. I'm sure Erin is wondering what the hell is up with me since she has been home ALL day for once.

After spending a day mad at my body for getting sick, I'm glad that I did stay home. My stomach is queasy, my sinuses make me feel like grapes are permanently implanted up my nose, and I have a bit of a headache. I just don't think Paul would enjoy me being around in this condition. Having to wait less than another month to see him isn't so bad, right? (Yes Jodi, keep repeating this to yourself and you'll feel better about the situation...)

What have I accomplished during my short time actually awake? Reading new blogs! I'm going to have a blogroll the size of Texas if I don't quit it! I've had a couple new readers comment yesterday/today, so I had to check them out. Hi Brenda (Firebrand) and Queen!! Brenda is a fellow clarinet player and lives in a neighboring state. Queen has lost over 100 pounds in less than a year, an actress, and I was so enthralled by her story that I ended up reading all of her entries! I know, I'm a bit sad.

So, tomorrow is Easter for me. It sounds like we'll be heading up to my grandma's again for the celebration. I think this is our first major holiday without grandpa. My mom has been pretty good about going up to see her once a week. My grandma has started to hear grandpa talking to her at night and has sworn she's seen him come into her bedroom a couple times recently. I don't know about the whole ghost thing, but if it's giving her comfort, it can't be so bad. We'll see if there will be an appearance tomorrow :)