Monday, March 28, 2005
I Hate Peeps!!

Yesterday, I felt a bit better than "Death Warmed Over", so I decided to celebrate Easter with my family. The hardest part of this task was getting ready to go over there! (If you want to avoid some ranting, skip over to the next paragraph.) First, I headed to the bathroom to take my bath. The bathtub was FILTHY!!! At some point on Saturday, my roommate Erin decided to be nice and give the dogs a bath before Sarah gets home today. So there is dirt and hair ALL OVER the place!! If you're going to be nice, please clean up after yourself!!! So I spend a bit of time cleaning the bathtub and notice the drain isn't working (most likely due to all the dang dog hair!!) and the plug won't stay up either. I should have noticed how she had it propped open with a disposable shaver cap. Grrrrr!!!!! Well after fiddling with that for a good 45 minutes, I gave up trying to fix it. And of course, SHE is downstairs taking a shower in "her" bathroom. Since I didn't want to be late, I grabbed all my bath accessories and drove to my parents house. Thank goodness most of them were finished with their shower so I could hop right in. *End of rant!*

My parents gave me a cute Easter basket filled with Peeps, an egg filled with peanut butter eggs (my favorite Easter treat), and a bubble gum egg. I just do not like Peeps at all...they are just marshmallow and sugar...what's not to love?...but I hate the taste for some reason. So, those things definitely won't be tempting me. I ended up leaving my basket at my parents house...that way the only time I can be tempted by peanut butter is when I go over to visit :) After we all got ready, we left to go to my grandma's house for lunch with her and my uncle, aunts, and cousins. I did not go up for seconds at all because I was full after one plate of food. Woohoo!!

Now, most times I go to family events, I feel a bit of marriage pressure due to questions from my aunt and seeing the two other female cousins closest in age (yet still younger!) either married or just recently engaged. I was validated for waiting to take the leap this time!! My cousin Carmon has been married for about four years now, has a new house, a great job, and really has straightened up from her past of running away and fooling around with numerous guys. It's about time since she is 25!! Well, I always thought things were fishy since she rarely ever brings her husband along to any family functions. Yesterday, she was not wearing her wedding ring, her brother let it slip how she was living in an apartment, and she had to rush to meet this other guy and his parents. Ha!! I guess she just wasn't ready to settle down yet. Now, she didn't say anything about getting a divorce, but something is definitely wrong with this picture! I'm not saying that getting married young is wrong....but you really need to make sure you're with the right person. Do I think I've found the right person? Hmmmm, let me get back to you on that. I've been doing a lot of thinking about this lately, and I'm not as sure as I used to be.

Hope you all had a great holiday or extended break (if you were lucky enough to get at least a day off work)!!