Friday, April 08, 2005
Could I Play Better Blindfolded?

I just got back from bowling and I smell NASTY! Remind me again why people like to smoke because I sure can't think of one reason! Our business group from school did a charity bowling event for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and I had a LOT of fun. Rachel, her boyfriend, and a HOT friend of her boyfriend were on the team with me. There was another guy that was supposed to be there, but he didn't show up.

I SUCK at bowling...definitely am not one with the ball. Although, my very first attempt tonight was a strike!! I ended up with getting to 100 once out of three games. I should have granny bowled :) Rachel and her bf sucked royally too...the only one that could hit strikes or spares constantly was Jay. He had his own little bowling cloth and some green thing he squeezed that was supposed to make his hands sticky....or maybe it was to make them unsticky. Who knows?? We decided to throw him off his game by tugging at his cloth and throwing pizza crusts at the middle of the second round, we had got into his head and he couldn't bowl for shizznit :)

So anyways, this has been a busy week! I've had so much homework and studying to do that I only have hit the gym twice. I even went without sleep for over 24 hours on Tuesday/Wednesday finishing up a huge computer project. And to compound troublesome matters, my TOTM decided to rear it's ugly head yet again. This time, the bloat is visiting too...arrrgh!! Two days ago, the scale was showing me up it's showing me down 0.5 lbs. I'll take the loss, no matter how small. I plan on hitting WW tomorrow before the MS Walk since I couldn't go Thursday due to a make-up exam for one I missed on Monday.

Added my challenge links to the side finally...there are some major losers in the Great Blogger Fat Off so far....someone lost 8 pounds in a week! Geez! My goal I want to focus on this week is planning my meals in advance so I don't end up hitting the fast food joints so often!

And thanks everybody for the good words about the conference and goals :) I appreciate hearing from all of you even if I haven't replied personally. Now, if work will let me off in June, life would be great.