Wednesday, May 04, 2005
My Brain Needs a Bandaid!

I finally went to the emergency room on Monday night. I would have went to the afterhours clinic right after work, but I was too late! Let me tell you, after some morphine and other pain medication slipped through the IV, my stiff neck is halfway gone, but the back of my head is still killing me! I spent NINE hours there before they decided to quit poking around on me and let me go home. What finally made me decide to go? Well, my vision started getting pretty darn blurry...still is...and I kind of need to see!

The female doctor on duty did a battery of tests on me. Thank goodness for work providing me some great insurance. She worried more about my head hurting than the neck so she ordered a CT scan. Well, that test showed calcification and lesions on the parietal lobe, which could be bad or nothing really. She gets into talking about AVM or AMV or some darn abbreviation, which is bad...geez, let's just scare me while I'm pain. She also said that it most likely had nothing to do with my pain, but wanted to find out more about it anyways. So, then I get carted off to have an MRI. Haven't had one of those in about 13 years now...I must have really forgot about the noisy clanging and banging. Well, the AVM thing was ruled out I guess after that. So, just to make sure I'm not going to die due to some crazy infection, I had a lovely spinal tap. I was ready for major pain the way it was described to me, but it really wasn't so bad. That came out clear which is good. Then they checked my glucose levels which were ok. She said with all the drugs, it would be really low instead of sort of low if it was something to worry about...but really, she has no idea what it was beforehand. I'm going on her word. She gave me some major konk out drugs to go home with, ordered me to have an adult with me for 24 hours, and told me to follow up with my doctor later that day to discuss results and what would be the next step. My mom called in to schedule an appointment and was told that I couldn't be seen until today because the transcription report from the emergency room wasn't ready yet. So, I'll be going in about an hour to find out more.

So, I missed my recognition breakfast at school, missed having to give my speech, missed work (woohoo about that one), and am missing school today. Part of me wishes that I would have waited another day so I wouldn't be behind, but oh well. If all these tests add up to not helping my pain a bit, I'll be a bit ticked! I'll update again once I know more.