Monday, May 09, 2005
Another Shi**y Post

I am going to keep this as upbeat as possible. Good stuff...down another 0.5 pounds according to the doctor's scale...which is usually higher than every other scale in the world...but I don't have access to my other scale right now! So, we'll go with that.

I'm feeling confident that the head and neck pain, muscle spasms, dizziness, coughing, and blurry vision cause will be figured out this week because I'm really sick of doctors. I went to the PT on Thursday and will be going again on Tuesday and tentatively scheduled for Thursday. She determined that I am tense and tight, but doesn't believe it's due to a nerve compression. She's having another more experienced PT look at me on Tuesday...she said I may end up going back to my regular doctor because there may be an underlying cause still. The neck massage was great and it did loosen up my neck a bit...but the pain is still there. On Saturday night, I blacked out and was brought back to the ER. The doc gave me some stronger drugs, did another CAT scan of the head (what about a neck or back x-ray possibly??), ran some blood work, kind of ignored my coughing spasms, and sent me home. So, this week just has to be better, right?

My talented sister just got back from the regional AACT Fest yesterday. Unfortunately, they did not win but got some great comments. A person from another city came up to her and wants her to perform with his group over the summer. I really would like to get involved with performing in some way again...I just need to find the time! Another thing to put on the "To Do" list...