Sunday, June 26, 2005
Is Orlando Ready for Me??

As long as a doctor (NOTE-not my doctor since he can't see me until freaking Thursday) gives me the OK, I'm heading to Orlando on Tuesday! After a family function earlier in the day, I hit the mall to find some extra snooty business wear. I found a great skirt that is reversible and on sale for $10! Usually reversible makes me run away in horror, but the skirt is really cute! So that covers two days of clothing that I have to bring. I have absolutely NO idea if I'll have any free time at all...but the resort we're staying at is pretty darn snazzy! Six days and five nights at the wonderful Walt Disney Dolphin resort :) I'll have two other gals from school with me and since the national competition and conference is a huge event, we have a great group discount. I haven't done a lick of studying, but I'll do some review tomorrow to make sure I remember everything.

Health Update: Well, I'm still having some difficulties, but I'm learning how to manage with the pain. As long as I don't use my arm too much, walk around too much, eat too much, and always have some tissues for two different nose drippings, I'm ok. Still not going (ya know, #1 in the bathroom) more than once a day despite all my drinking, but it doesn't hurt or burn. TMI, I know. I am so crossing my fingers that the infection is gone, or that it was an infection, and not that other possibility.

Mental Update: No more emails from Paul's family, thank goodness. I actually have regained my sanity after the first week back from NYC. It's a bit weird not hearing my phone ring so often, but I actually don't think of him much unless my family brings him up. OK, so there are unanswered questions about what happened to him after we last spoke, but I don't really care. Who knew it would be so easy to get on with life? My parents think I'm just bottling my emotions, but I am fine! My mom even bought me a self-help book upon the recommendation of my loopy aunt. Would someone else like to tell my family that I'm not sad and pathetic?

I haven't decided if I'll bring my laptop along yet, so if I don't post the rest of the week, I'll make sure to update when I get home along with pictures!! And hopefully a trophy :)