Saturday, July 23, 2005
The Retard Strikes Again!

This afternoon, I was sick of sitting in the air conditioning. I had the wonderful idea to go for a little walk (gotta get back on that marathon track, ya know!) Well, I threw on my lightest clothes and sneakers and headed outdoors. It didn't feel too hot outside, so it looked like the perfect time to go. I walk....and walk...and feet were feeling great! (Finally had on good shoes!) I turn a corner and the sun decided to kick it up a notch. Nothing wrong with a bit more sweat, right?

So, I walk into the sun for awhile...I didn't want to turn around now! After about 3.5 miles, I felt a little cruddy and tingly so I knew it was time to get home. The last mile home was the worst!!! By the time I got to my place, my lungs were on FIRE and it was a struggle to breathe normally. I dropped onto the couch as soon as I got in the door. I've been chilling here for the past hour and I'm just finally feeling better. Just checked out the temp...99 degrees! Yes, I am the queen of retards this week. Lesson learned: bring my water bottle with me more often and be aware of the damn sun! Hopefully my brain will turn back on before this weekend is over :)