Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yeah, I know I say that I'll post more...but man, my mood is in the shitter and I don't want to start a whiny, pity post. So, in order not to keep the mood chipper, I've clammed up a bit. I'm frustrated with doctors, myself, money, etc. Arrgh!!!!

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel though. I went to an internal medicine doctor that my regular GP referred me to. She knows her stuff!! I'm having a ton of things started to finally get the illness crap figured out. And a pap smear that I've been avoiding for years. (I'll share my horrors about it down the road.) Oh yeah, and getting a couple possibly cancerous cysts and a mole removed. I'm hoping it's just the run of the mill type cyst. My regular doctor never thought anything of the huge one on my back, so I guess it's better to be cautious than let it keep growing.

Weight loss: Nineteen pounds gone this month. Yes, this is all in one month...7 down since the hospital. Heck, nineteen pounds makes my smallest clothes in this decade too big...but I'm still a chubby gal! I love the loss, but of course, my doctor is worried about this too. Lovely.

So anyways, I'm exhausted...since my weight is just slipping off right now, my challenge for myself is postponed...but I'm still being a Beaker Babe :)