Friday, October 07, 2005
The Pit Redux!

Feeling like updating is a step in the right direction!!

Oy, I am pooped!!! I have now half of my room clean after having to search for my camera battery charger. Cleaning doesn't suck so much after you get in a groove. My sister, who doesn't do anything for anybody unless she gets something beneficial, called me at 5 am to ask for it! Now, when I get a call at that time in the morning, I figure it's an emergency. Oh noooooooo, of course not! Yesterday, I let her borrow my camera so she could take pictures of her play, and of course, she wore out the darn thing.

As it always goes, the battery charger magically appears in the very last possible area of my room. I found it after locating a bunch of things I forgot about or had accounted at being gone for good. Items include:
  • A walkie-talkie
  • The dress shoes I couldn't find for my Orlando trip
  • A name badge from a place I hadn't worked in years
  • An old set of birth control pills
  • A sweatshirt from my last athletic event
  • Two pairs of blue jeans I loved but now are too big!
  • Clarinet reeds
If only I could find my second set of house keys (since my first ones have now decided to vanish) and my brain, I'd be ready to conquer the world!