Monday, November 20, 2006
Happiness Weighs A Ton!!

Geez, another three months since I posted last. I'm finished with apologizing for my absence!!

I'm back at square one....AGAIN. Remember all that weight I lost? Yeah, I've found it some. I really didn't notice the difference until my pants starting getting quite snug. I've been enjoying life, work, TV, and great cooking by Paul and forgot all the important things like exercise, portion sizes, and drinking water. Also, the medications I've been put on in the past year have helped the weight stick back on too.

So, yesterday marked six months until my walk down the aisle, and I weigh more than when I got measured for my dress!! Crap!!! So, I'm taking drastic action. Now that I have an earlier work schedule and no more weekends, I started back at Weight Watchers once again since I can consistently get to meetings again. I've gained 30....yes, 30 pounds....since my last restart....and that was only 4 months ago. I've started the Buff Brides progam with some other gals who are at the six month mark until their weddings too, and I've dragged out all my videos again. I'm committed, and even better, Paul has agreed to follow the WW plan with me even though he won't be going to meetings with me.

For those into details, I'll share some wedding stuff :)

I have everything booked except for ceremony musicians, invitations, and the honeymoon. It is really hard to find nice invitations in my colors! I did get an estimate from one invitation design place and town and have a meeting with another one on Friday. I still have to pick out a veil and shoes, but the dress is ordered, the bridesmaid dresses are taken care of, and the groomsmen tuxes are picked out. Am I within our original budget? I have no idea! Guess I'll need to figure that out :)

To the left is my wedding dress (NOT ON ME!!! The color of mine is Diamond White, although this color is very pretty too) The picture really doesn't do it justice. To the right is the bridesmaid dress (in the exact color except there will be spaghetti straps)

Here are my Save the Date magnets. I wasn't originally going to have these, but with all of Paul's out-of-town relatives, we figured we better. Plus I got an awesome deal from VistaPrint and only paid about $30 for 200. (Ignore the white blurred out part of our last names!) We're sending these along with other pertinent info with holiday cards this year.

Here is a picture of our room we'll be using for the reception. We've picked the Holiday Inn Starlite Room. It really is beautiful and really doesn't need much for decoration. This picture has holiday decor, but it gives you the general idea.

I better get on to exercising before Paul gets home, so I'll share more as soon as I can!