Sunday, August 22, 2004
Just Another Sunday...

Well, it's already noon, and I'm still in my pajamas!! I have so much crap that I should be doing, but I keep putting it off. My new laptop is becoming my best friend!!! Now, that isn't a good thing for getting my body back on track...

My goals for the day:
  1. Clean and organize my room!!! I just cleaned it a week or so ago, and it looks like hell again. My room is just too small for all my crap. I am freeing up some space soon by giving my sister my huge computer and dumping the desk. If only I could knock down a wall to get more space....too bad this isn't my place!! I'd move, but I hate being by myself...I have two roommates...actually 3 for this week... and 2 dogs here that keep the place jumping (except on the weekends) and I just can't beat the price.
  2. Laundry!!! Clothes are spilling out of my laundry bag and I'm running out of clothing options, so I need to get off my ass and tackle this task!!
  3. Study. Yep, I said study. School just started for me last week, and I need to practice some good habits after a four-year lapse in attending!!
  4. Weigh myself...I have been putting off the inevitable...Ediets keeps prompting me to enter my weight in when I log in...but I haven't ever since I started gaining!! I haven't even weighed myself in months. I've been lying to myself...the walk to class is just enough exercise, skipping meals and eating one huge one is ok, Krispy Kremes are healthy, the amount of water I drink now, while less than before, is fine....Lies, Lies, Lies!!! I just pray that I'm not back to my starting weight from a year ago!!! My original fat pants that were tight are still loose, so I'm hoping for the best.

Gosh, there are so many other things that I should be putting on this list.....I HATE SUNDAYS!!! I'm glad I have the day off, but I rarely get to do the fun shit. And now with school, I have even less free time during the week. I may just have to ::SHUDDER:: make out a life schedule. Plan out the food, the exercise, the studying, the cleaning, the internet time, the talking to myself or daydream time, etc. etc., blah!!!!

Well, I better get to it...knowing me, I'll be posting before I finish :)