Thursday, September 09, 2004
Excuses, Excuses

Man, where is the time going?? I haven't posted since Tuesday!! Tuesday was the big weigh-in day at the WW. Fuck it all, I gained a pound. Now, I'm not too upset about it because:
  1. I was relying too much on fast food...ok point wise, but not the best decision.
  2. I had on my sneakers and junk in my pocket.
  3. My TOM decided to pop back after being gone less than a week full force....water retention baby!!
  4. I didn't do the exercise like I should have!!

So, why didn't I exercise??? I was a fat lazy cow...too tired after work, studying, and surfing the net to get back to my regular routine. I thought that sticking to just sticking with points and eating right would cut it. My room is a mess and I didn't have the space. I can make up lots of excuses...I've done a lot with my life using this ability. But, if I want to accomplish my goals, I need to get rid of the excuses. So, starting today, I am making a schedule for myself...scheduling eating, studying, working, and exercise! After moving from my awesome apartment last year with the gym, I just cut the exercise...till it didn't exist. I loved the feel when I did it...I don't understand how I let myself quit. So, I WILL exercise everyday this week...even tonight, although I don't get home till 10. I WILL join a gym. I WILL keep tracking points and drinking water. I WILL see a loss on my next weigh-in. Don't let me go back on this promise to myself.

In other news, my friend Rita is trying to get me to move to NY so I can be with my long-distance guy Paul. Don't get me wrong, she has good intentions. She says there is NOTHING that is holding me back. Heck, she got both of us in a chat and telling us to pick a date of OCTOBER!! I think that is pure insanity. She just doesn't listen to my obstacles...I would like to finish a semester of school instead of wasting money, Paul needs to find a new place to live on his own, I like my job for the most part, all my family is here. I think these points are valid! If money didn't matter, sure I'd split immediately. Another thing that bothers me....what if I move there and I just can't stand having so much of him. I like my time to myself!! Well, I guess that would prove that we shouldn't be together...we haven't really tested those waters yet. So, we'll see what I decide. I would really like to focus on me first before adding other things to the mix.