Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Another One Bites the Dust!

Oy, today was a long but good day. First of all, I stepped on the scale and saw the 50s! Woohoo, I'm just about back to where I was last summer!! Of course, that was in the morning, but it did stick for my WW weigh-in today. Second, I only had a half day of classes due to advising sessions. I needed a break from accounting. That class is so damn time consuming. I don't know any other class that takes an hour to finish one stinking problem. At least I have an A so far...by the skin of my teeth, but an A nonetheless. Third, I got 120 minutes of exercise in today!! There was 45 minutes on the Gazelle after class...and then 75 minutes of aerobics/sculpting class....oops I guess I have 130 minutes because I did 10 minutes on the stationary bike before class started. And yes, I did say 75 minutes of aerobics/sculpting class!!! Our instructor decided to have us go a bit longer since nobody else needed the room, so I got some more abdominal work in. Gosh, I love that class and Ann (the instructor). She's so goofy and gets us to work hard. I know now that I wasn't doing optimal workouts before joining the gym. I felt like I was ready to die after 10 minutes, but then it felt really awesome. I wish I could go to the Thursday class too, but my work schedule just doesn't allow it.

The other good thing comes this weekend. Paul says he's coming up this weekend....we'll see. I'm not getting my hopes up too high, because I just know something will come up. He'll get sick, or something with his family will get away, or he'll mess up on scheduling...gosh, I wish I could be proven wrong about that!!

More drama going on with the fam....my sister wants to quit college. I have told her to stick it out a semester...she's got this crazy idea about finding a job and doing theater. Sure, she's a good actress, but not that good. Also, she is no good at keeping a job. She usually quits within a month!! I'm just sick of her just being a stubborn ass and getting whatever she wants...my parents just don't put up a good fight anymore...and I didn't even give them much of one growing up to wear them out!! Oh well...

Not much else going on...I'll post more tomorrow sometime!!