Sunday, September 26, 2004
I'm Back!!

As Bart Simpson would say, "Ay Carumba!!" I swore I made another post since my last WW weigh-in! Good news: I lost another 2.4 pounds which brings my grand total to 5.6 pounds!!! Woohoo!! Not bad at all for less than a month, and after months of maintaining the same darn weight!! So, I got my official 5 pound bookmark :) Now, there were two girls who just started last week who earned their bookmark too...I did not get discouraged because I'm assuming they were not doing anything healthy before joining and it's a bunch of water weight!!! Well, at least I feel better thinking that!!

Other good news at WW: the gal that I couldn't stand in middle school is going to start going to meetings in another town due to med school making it hard to get here. She didn't even stay for the meeting, so I couldn't see her reaction to my loss. Bummer!! My mom was supposed to come with me and join, but I come to pick her up and she "forgot". I guess she was busy cleaning for her big Pampered Chef open house that was yesterday and it slipped her mind. So, I have another two weeks for me to lose weight before she joins. She can't make it this Tuesday due to now I doubt she'll be able to catch up with my weight loss :) Now, I know it's not a competition, but when I was in WW with her years ago, it always depressed me when she lost so much more. I can win by default!! I am thinking she has to lose about the same as I do...I'm not sure though because she's wears a size smaller than I do...but she's it might equal out. I'm evil, aren't I!!

I celebrated my loss by going to the gym afterwards. Unfortunately, I have not made it back since then!! I've packed my gym clothes so I could go after work, but then I just didn't have the initiative to walk through the door. I am going to change that though starting tomorrow. I also plan on trying out the class that started right after I got there last Tuesday. They were using balls and weight bars and it looked like fun, even though all the gals there were already thin! After completing a mile on the elliptical in less than 10 minutes, I think I haven't lost a lot of my ability since having to leave my wonderful gym at the old apartment.

Last night, I had my first mini pig-out....well it really wasn't that bad. I had 2 small pieces of chicken supreme pizza, 2 buffalo wings, a breadstick, and then a small piece of pepperoni pizza a few hours later. It tasted soooo good....I have to get over wanting to eat something just because I want to see what it tastes like...I wasn't hungry for the pepperoni one, but gosh, it looked good. Arrrrgh!! I haven't noticed it showing up on the scale yet...probably because my stomach went crazy and I had to hit the bathroom 3 times last night...and it wasn't for #1!!! I know, TMI :)

What else...I'm going to my sister's play this afternoon. She has the lead role in this dinner theater production...she is getting such a diva ego. I know she's a great actress, but I guess I'm just tired of her getting an attitude. She's dropped a couple classes so she only has two real ones this semester and the rest are just music ensembles due to her play, car accident stress, and roommate troubles. She says classes are hard...they wouldn't be if she'd read the book and go to class! She'll figure it out eventually. I was doing great in college the first round until my junior year...I guess it's best to hit troubles at the beginning instead of later. Luckily, I'm doing awesome in school this round! All As, not too much homework, good teachers...I think I really made the right decision to try again, even if it's not in the medical field yet!!

I must finish getting ready, but I'm making a vow to post here at least 5 times this week. I'm not abandoning this!!