Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Sneeze Attack!!

OK, my body is rebelling against me. First, my ear has been bugging me off and on for weeks, then last night my knee decided to give out (although it feels ok now), and today I had a sneezing attack. Not just one or two sneezes....15 within a few minute time span. I was driving, and all of a sudden, I get a strong whiff of the lovely body spray I put on earlier. I was driving on my merry way to school, and all of a sudden, ACHOOOOOOO!! And another, and another!! I was just about to get on the interstate, I had no kleenex or napkins in the car (gosh was I an idiot to actually clean up my car a bit yesterday) and I'm sneezing out totally allergy-like mucus!! Ewwwwwww!!! I know, excess information. So I'm driving 65 miles an hour with sneeze goo coming out at least 100 miles an hour...trying to keep one hand on the wheel and one hand covering my nose. Yes, I could have pulled over, but what would be the fun in that?? What did I do with the crap? Lets just say that I'll be cleaning the bottom of my seat later on today. Disgusting I know. I haven't run across anybody who gets as many consecutive sneeze attacks as I do. My family does the "Uh oh, she's going to blow!!" thing whenever they see my nose twitch. It's a cause of much amusement (for them). Anyone else have this trouble??

I also am vowing to not get sick until this semester is over. It is going to be very difficult to do, knowing that I don't have the flu shot in my system. My mom came down with the bug, my sister is down, a gal at work is hacking all the time (well of course, smoking doesn't help that!), my supervisor has been sniffling, a instructor of mine was out for a day and still was sick when she did come back to class....I'm being contaminated everywhere I go! I'm forcing down the fluids and doing the handwashing and anything else to protect myself. I may have to resort looking like a wacko and wearing a mask :)