Thursday, November 11, 2004
Evil Scale!! Damn boys!!

What have I learned this week??? DO NOT EVER MISS MY AEROBICS/SCULPT CLASS AGAIN!! It just set off a pattern of not exercising as much the rest of the week!! Plus, I gained 3.4 pounds on this weigh in. Now I figured I'd gained 1 because my scale was showing it, but there is a conspiracy in the scales at Weight Watchers. Every single time I have to weigh up front, I weigh like 2 pounds less than when I weigh in with the leader. So, then the next week, I'm always up when I weigh in with the leader again. This has happened twice!! I'm going to have to test both scales next time I go and compare. Just say to them, I want to see the difference. My mom didn't go to the meeting with me because she worked, but she told me she lost 5 pounds...good for her but damnit!! I just know my mind is going to make this a competition, especially since I've found out she weighed the same as me last week. Competition never works with my mother!! I can't let this become one...give me the strength to just work on me and not care!!

So anyways, I went to my class last night, and the alternate instructor was there again. Man oh man, I still feel it today!! I think I'd get more results with her overall...she doesn't treat it like a beginner's class as much. It's a good thing, really it is. Those 3 pounds will leave me for next week!! I am hitting the gym again tomorrow since there isn't any school....ooh now I wonder if they are closed for Veteran's Day. Well, I will do a workout video for sure if it is.

Another source of frustration...Paul isn't coming tomorrow. Now I knew he wouldn't even though he said he was...but I did still get my hopes up! He says he'll be here by Saturday...I totally doubt it. What in the heck am I going to do about him??? One night we're soooo close...and then the bubble gets burst...and then things are great, and then.... Maybe I should take him up on him paying for a ticket for me to go up there. Since his work isn't so flexible, maybe I'll have to be the flexible one. I'll have to think about that.

I should get to bed...even if I don't have school tomorrow!! I could clean my room, get caught up on my computer assignments, and get a bunch of exercise in! Tomorrow has to be a better day!!