Thursday, November 18, 2004
Parents Come in Handy...

Yikes, looks like another night that I just can't fall asleep!! I should be studying more for my accounting test, but I'd rather just bore myself to sleep websurfing.

I had to register for spring classes today. I should say, I was SUPPOSED to register for classes today....took two hours of work off in order to accomplish this task! Registering sucks this semester. Reason #1: Because of my last name, I had to go at the very last possible time slot for any business admin majors. #2: Because of #1, classes are filling fast. I get one of the business teachers to sign off on it, and get in the long line to enter it in. Well, I get to the front, and the registrar dude says my account is blocked. Well, those in college know what that means....I go and trudge up to the business office to see what hasn't been paid. $1300 is what needs to be covered...oops!!! I forgot about my work not paying for their portion till AFTER I pass the class. I actually realized that earlier, but I figured I'd be able to cover it somehow....

Well, as luck would have it, my parents already said they would lend me $700 a few weeks ago, since I did give them some money a while back when I still lived with them and felt rich. My sister crashed her car, forgot that her insurance had just elapsed before the accident, and had to get money for repairs a month or so ago. So, my parents found a way to dip into my stepdad's 401K to pay for it (they would NEVER do that for me!) and they knew they'd have some extra. The money wasn't yet available last night....luckily they did get it today! Of course, I didn't find that out until after I had to rush to work after the whole money ordeal wasted my precious time off. They were fine with giving me more to cover, so I'll be paying tomorrow and getting signed up. I just hope that my other classes didn't fill up with those who were behind me!!! With all the frustration, I've been grazing on junk tonight....I need to quit that crappy habit!!

Other than that, life is peachy.

BTW, just to see if I'm getting anybody to actually read this thing with the newfound traffic....Email me or leave a comment if you'd like a Gmail invite. I have 6 available right now, and I always forget to offer them!!!