Sunday, November 21, 2004
Dude on the Couch!!

Geez, the weekend is almost over and I've accomplished nothing!! I worked yesterday, had a meeting with my business project group (where nothing was accomplished but bullsh*tting about other people that annoy us), and hung out at the parents house afterwards due to no ambition to do anything else. I ended up staying overnight because my house is feeling a bit crowded right now!!

As the title says, there is a dude sleeping on the couch in the living room!! Not just any's my roommate's dad. Not even a cute, droolworthy dude like the last one (unless you have a thing for guys old enough to be your father!!) Her family is over because they are doing some painting in the basement. I guess it is going to be pretty cool from what I hear through my door...the roommate doesn't tell me much anymore since she got conjoined at the hip to the basement roommate!! When I left for work early yesterday morning, I had to sneak by him on my way out the door. I think I woke him up...that's what he gets for sleeping there!! I feel so self-conscious when I have to creep past sleeping people or people I just don't know that well!! So, I'm avoiding my place for the rest of today because I really don't enjoy paint fumes that much....fruity smelly markers are the extent to what I can stand....and then with those crazy sneeze attacks as of late, I don't know what paint would do to me!! Also, it was pretty late before I was ready to head home, and I didn't want to wake up her father!! I am a nightowl, and lately, roommate #1 has been going to bed pretty darn early....lights out before I even get home from work sometimes!!

School front: I AM NOT SIGNED UP FOR CLASSES YET. This troubles me quite a bit. I went in to register on Thursday, and the dang secretary said nobody could help me till Monday or Tuesday. WTF?? Now, I don't know how hard it is to type my schedule into a computer...I wouldn't be having this problem at my old school! One of the gals in my business group said she registered on Thursday, so I must not have been persistent enough. Maybe I should have thrown a temper tantrum. With my luck, that would have just earned me a visit to the psychologist. Ha!! She said she could not get into an accounting class...which is the same one I need. I have no idea what I'll do, because the scheduling analysts at work will have a hissy fit if I have to change my schedule my much!!

Work front: I am now the proud owner of walkie talkies. I can now be Secret Agent Gigglepuss or something. We had a little autumn pre-Thanksgiving type party on Thursday and I won them in a drawing. Last year, I won a lighted house thingie so this is definitely better....some people don't win anything, so I should quit complaining. They may be come in handy for the after-Thanksgiving sales :) Retail therapy is so much better than food binge therapy...and I really need some new things in the wardrobe. Also, I won another award that night from my supervisor's boss. I'll just call it the gold-plated thingie award. (I'm being a bit careful about the name, because someone checked out my blog from my city according to the stats and it wasn't me or even the same internet provider. Of course, if it was someone from work, the walkie talkies and my first name would already give it away!! If you come back, say hi and leave a comment!! Maybe I know you :)) OK, back to topic...only 4 or 5 people were chosen from my area for this award, I guess it is like an overall team player/high sales award and it is only given ONCE a year at the same time. Since I've only been there for a year and 1 month, I guess that is pretty cool. The other people on my team told me that with the points I earned from getting it, I may be going to the annual conference in Hawaii. Woohoo!! I'd have to start doing some fake baking now if that's true.

Well anyways, I better start getting something accomplished today other than web surfing and figuring out a new template deciding...if I'll do the linkware route or design my own. Decisions, decisions!!

BTW, email me or comment if you want a Gmail invite. As asked in a previous comment, I like Gmail because I get a lot of emails from groups I'm involved in and I like being able to sort and search for specific phrases I if someone sent a yummy pumpkin cheesecake recipe and I don't remember who or what group, I just type it and it finds it for me :) Also, the storage space is nice...I'll never get close to the limit, but it was better than Hotmail (except now they are giving more space too, but I still like it better!!)