Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I'm testing out a theory today...I've noticed recently that my parents aren't calling me before I end up calling them. Does this mean they don't think about me much? They don't care how I'm doing? Or am I just too bored so I end up calling them too often? It's most likely me...if I don't have anyone to chat with, I'll end up chatting with myself. Gosh, I can have the best conversations with me...or I can go into a nice daydream....I have some great stories with me as the main character right here in my head. They are so much better than the blah I type here. OK, so anyways back to my theory. I have decided that I am not going to call them until they call me. We'll see how long they can go without a Gigglepuss fix.

What brings this testing on? Well, yesterday I head over to their house to pick up my gymbag (which I ended up forgetting to bring home again!! Luckily, I have some workout clothes here so I can truly test my theory.) Well, I walk in and my sister is on the couch...and she has SHINGLES!!! My hypochondriac tendencies kick in and I'm wondering, "Oh shit, I'm exposed and I'm going to get it now!!!" I immediately felt itchy and icky. HAVING SHINGLES IS AN IMPORTANT THING TO WARN ME ABOUT BEFORE I COME OVER!!!! Well, shingles aren't really contagious unless you haven't had chicken pox and they don't really itch. Crisis avoided. But, the point is, I wouldn't have known unless I came over. I think sickness and disease is something interesting to call me about! Then, I find out that the preview of my other sister's musical is today and it starts after family didn't bother inviting me!! My mom's excuse was she thought I'd have to work and wouldn't be able to get the time off, but she knows my work schedule!! The start time is clearly afterwards!! So, we'll see how much they love me now... I really don't need to talk to them, but I think work is affecting me so I feel I must be on the phone 24 hours a day :)

I'm skipping class today...not in the mood to show a lame Powerpoint presentation or sit through a lecture. Our paper is finished for my business class, so I'm not missing out on anything there either. I sometimes just need a day to myself...except of course, I still have to go to work. I just applied for another position there, so I'm not going to let anything like an unexcused absence mess me up. I will rise to power and be released from the chain of the phone at work!!

Totally random thing I noticed...all my titles here end with !! I think I'm a little !! obsessed. I should try to keep the !! out of my next post. That'll go right along with my other goals I should be working on...