Tuesday, November 30, 2004
New Look Part Deux!!

OK, I am terribly bored so I'm trying yet another template. I think I just about have the hang of making changes to the darn thing. I just can't make up my dang mind what I like more!! Thanks to all of you who have commented on the last change :)

What am I doing up at this time of night?? I don't know...I just do not feel like sleeping. I just read an article talking about sleep deprivation and obesity. I'll have to post that later...after reading it, I should be pushing myself to sleep!! Oh well! Luckily, I don't have to work tomorrow...just class in 5 hours. Egads!!!

I am freezing cold right now, so I am going to snuggle up in my blankets and hope that I will wake up on time. We still don't have any snow here yet...seems like everybody around us does. I think the snow makes the temp feel a bit warmer, but I still don't want it yet. Before I start mumbling incoherently, I'm going to hit the hay NOW. Expect a more meaningful post tomorrow...errrr later today even.

Exit...Stage Left!