Saturday, November 27, 2004
New Look!!

Nothing exciting today....if you drop by the blog please comment and tell me if you like the new look!!! I didn't design it...many thanks to Free Blogger Templates for the design. How's the load time?? I'm not sold on it yet, but its something different than the zillions of other dot backgrounds out there. I have a feeling that if I keep at this blogging, I'll shell out for a cute, creative look!!

I made it to my weigh-in today...up 2.2 pounds :( I knew it was going to happen because I've been sloppy this week. Less exercise, a few more bites of junk than normal, less all adds up! This week, I'm going to buckle down yet again...can't let my mom catch up to my weight loss. We have our real Thanksgiving tomorrow with all the family, so that will be a true test. I've got my game plan set, now I just need to stick to it. Wish me luck!