Friday, December 17, 2004
I'm Sebastian!

FINALS ARE OVER!!! Woohoo, time to hit the booze!! :) I am looking at a 4.0 GPA!! The only class that tried to do me in was my Intro to Computers class. I spent all of Tuesday night recomposing the darn paper I wrote in October since the instructor and my lovely computer decided to lose it. So, I turn it in on Wednesday, he flips through the pages (not even reading), looks to see if I have a Works Cited, he says "Wow, lots of sources", and gives me full credit. WTF? I slaved over that thing and HE DOESN'T EVEN READ IT. I could have wrote pages on how he is a tool and he f**** cows and any other profanity to fill and he would not have even noticed!! I cry over my lack of sleep for that night. Ended up with a 91 in that class, a 113.5% (she triple checked that it was right and was due to the extra credit for the day we played Hangman when not many showed up) in Business, a 95% in Psychology, and high 90s for Accounting and Marketing (not sure the exact yet since they weren't finished with my grades yet). So, I guess I still have some intelligence left in the ol' brain...maybe I could really handle going back into the sciences and med school again if I wanted. We'll see how I feel after next semester.

So, I haven't done a bit of exercise this week, unless I count walking through the malls and dodging crowds, walking through school hallways, and pacing at work. That is going to change today!! Since I have no class at all till January, I'm starting back to the gym today. I miss the elliptical, my treadmill, and my aerobics class. I never thought I could miss exercise, but I do. I am not looking forward to how out of shape I'll be on the lovely elliptical after a few weeks absence. I would love to be under the 50s before this year is over and I'm soooo darn close...and then get to my 10% loss at WW will be the next goal. I know I can do it...I just have to get back to those plans from my post a couple below.

But first, I have to fix my parents computer. My stepdad isn't home, so it's a great time to get over there. He has just been psychotic lately, so I'm going to avoid that craziness for now. Till next time...

Oh yes, looks like I'm a crunchy crustacean...moving up in the world!! I'm feeling like I could belt out some songs with a Jamacian accent right now :)