Monday, December 20, 2004
So Much to Do!

No class today!! This abundance of extra time to do things is almost overwhelming. Last night, I had a plan for what I'd do today. Here is what I set out to do before work:
  1. Start on laundry
  2. Clean my room
  3. Hit the stores for more gifts
This is what I've accomplished so far:
  1. Sleep till 11 AM
  2. Stare at my laundry basket
  3. Read my email
So, now I'll have to move all of my plans till after work and tomorrow. I only have 2-3 days to accomplish these things left!! Paul is (supposedly) coming on Wednesday night, my only day off before Christmas is tomorrow, and I do not want to be speed cleaning on Wednesday morning. I wish I had a personal maid who would do my chores once or twice a month. That would be perfect!! Did you hear that very loud hint, Santa?? Of course I still want an IPod, but if I could get a maid instead, I could possibly buy my own IPod. I could just leisurely read on the couch while I point out to the maid what I need to be done. If she (or he if he's hot and talented!) would cook healthy and delicious meals too, my life would be almost managable.

Oh my, I must hit the bathtub and get dressed before work, so if anyone wants to apply to be my personal maid, I'm taking applications NOW!!