Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Paul is Coming!!

Oh happy day! My dear boyfriend Paul is actually showing up on Thursday! The information is all verifiable and I'm sooooo excited. I'm not excited about having to really clean my room so it's presentable, but I'm sooooo glad he is coming!! I'll have a date for New Year's...woohoo!! So due to my overwhelming joy, I've put off the pictures and other fun until I have everything prepared for him. Dang, this means I'll have to actually shave too. No more hairy leg insulation from the cold. Isn't that a great excuse not to shave? I use it almost every winter :) If you want, send all good thoughts that a ring comes out of this visit...I think five years is a long enough wait.

I am not too busy to go to the gym though! I WILL actually get to my aerobics class TODAY after a month absence. I also WILL be going to my WW meeting. I know I gained a couple this week, but at least it isn't the 6 pound average gain over the holidays. I'm getting back on the ball today!! Wish me luck.