Monday, January 24, 2005
What's More Important??

Official weigh-in is tomorrow!! I have stayed away from the scale all week, but I feel thinner. I can't wait to move my scale above down some more. I would love to have 5 pounds gone in January :) I haven't done as much exercise as I wanted to, but 300 minutes for the week isn't bad at all compared to about zilch the week before! I never got to WW yesterday, but I definitely am making it there tomorrow.

So, on to boy news. Pauly wants me to come up to New York this weekend. He has this big formal party shindig on Friday night, and he says I "HAVE" to be there. Geez, thanks for the short notice, dear! It's bad enough that I have to miss two days of school this week because of some extra work training. Sometimes I swear he expects that when he says "Jump!" I should say "How high?" There are plenty of times where I needed Paul to be here and he couldn't. I could have used his support the week after my grandpa's death. Where was he? Moaning at home and diagnosed with an intestinal parasite! Ok, maybe that's not a good example, but hell, there are plenty of other times I could mention. I'm doubting that work is going to allow me off, but I'd love to be there so he doesn't invite some other friend along. Am I insecure and jealous of all the time he spends with certain female friends??? Heck yeah! Should I be a little wary? Hmmmm, I dunno.

Time to get off the whiny rag! Be ready to see some cool changes here sometime this week :)