Wednesday, February 16, 2005
I Want a New Drug!

Ugh, I think my two main fat chunks decided to hook up over Valentine's Day and created a baby in my ass!! That is how gross I feel after a few days of no real cardio due to my retarded pinky toe!! Who knew a toe could be so important to my wellbeing? Yes, it is definitely broke, and nope, there is not much I can do except keep it elevated when I can, tape it well, and stay off it as much as possible for at least two weeks. These darn meds aren't really dulling the pain much either. I can of course do some yoga, crunches, and weights until then, but it just isn't the same!! I think I need to ban February 13th from my calendar. I just realized that was the same day I broke my right ankle three years ago.

So, since I'm not moving around as much, I'm going to have to compensate by eating as healthy and on-plan as possible. I admit, eating right is the area I'm the sloppiest. I don't have a lot of time to cook and I get soooo sick of frozen dinners. I've ate almost every brand imaginable. Also, I am back into the habit of drinking pop more than water again. I had drank nothing but water for over a year....and I didn't really miss the sugary stuff. Why did I start again? It probably was when I started eating fast food more often again...arrgh!! Why do I let me do this to myself? The experts say that breaking or gaining a habit takes 21 days. I don't know if I bad habits are so easy to make or break and the good ones are soooo hard!!

Also, I need to find a new time to get to my Weight Watchers meeting :( My schedule at work changed AGAIN, which is overall a good thing, but I have to figure out a new routine. If my accounting class didn't run so long on Thursdays, I could start going to the one at work. I go to work too early and get off too late for the one on Monday at the center, Tuesdays will be out as of next month, Thursdays and Fridays are out now. I'm going to have to either resort to Wednesdays around noon and rush to work or hit the Saturday one at 6:30 AM and then go to work afterwards. I love my sleep though! Man, change can suck!!